Tuesday, July 13, 2010

And the award goes to.... ME!

I always dreamed of winning an award, perhaps a Grammy or a TONY but "understudy", and "runner-up" were more my reality. I did win a pie baking contest once. I was the only one entered in my division. I've discovered that not winning awards is okay with me.

I don't need to be THE best, I need to be MY best. Not winning gives me space to improve and takes the pressure off. That's one reason I got into Kindermusik. Previously I was teaching private voice lessons where everyone wanted to be the next super star. They weren't enjoying the music, they just wanted the awards.

Kindermusik is about the learning and the fun. Instead of "good job" we say "thank you for playing for us". We learn about music and through music, how to sing, play, move and listen. We learn about ourselves and how to work together. Life skills. Maybe some day one of my students will win a Grammy or TONY. If they do I hope they remember Kindermusik with Ms B  when they give their acceptance speech. That would be better than any award I could win on my own.

Oh but wait... the title is about me winning an award. I have at long last won something and have been given the honor of a Bloggy Award.

Liz, at http://twirlsncurls.blogspot.com/ has given me an award! It's the Sunshine award, and you're supposed to 1) post it on your blog (I saved the image and uploaded it), and 2) pass it on to 5 people who have brought sunshine into your life by listing them and a link to their blog.  Here are the people in my list, do stop by and check out their cute sunny blogs:

1. http://www.musicforspecialkids.com/
2. http://thetatamimat.blogspot.com/
3. http://mavieetmajoie.com/
4. http://kiboomu.blogspot.com/
5. http://a-latte-talk.blogspot.com/
 and a "runner-up", because I think runners-up are awesome ;)


  1. Aw! Thanks Brenda for the award! I never win anything - just dirty looks. lmao!!!

  2. Thanks Ms B for the Sunshine Award! You have made my day! I've enjoyed keeping up with your blog as well - it's on my favorite subject after all :) Pamela

  3. Lol, I'm just reading this...how cute!! Love reading your blog, it always brings a smile :) Glad to share a bit of sunshine with ya!!