Friday, April 30, 2010

Compare and Contrast

Describe this dog in one word.

What word did you use? Was it difficult to pick just one word? After all, this dog has many qualities. Now pick one word to describe each of these two dogs.

Easier this time? Big and small, right? When teaching your little ones make certain to teach in opposites. Big/small, high/low, fast/slow, hot/cold, you get the picture. When children can compare and contrast two objects or two ideas it makes it much easier for them to understand. If you show your child a picture of this first dog and tell them it is big, do they really understand? Probably not. But if you show the second picture and show that one is big and one is small their brain is able to make the comparison and the distinction between the two. We do this in Kindermusik all the time. We compare and contrast fast/slow, loud/soft, high/low and many other concepts to help your child learn. Kindermusik has been around for over 30 years, the original mommy and me class, and the amount of research they put into each lesson is astonishing. I love to see children grasp a concept and Kindermusik has done a brilliant job of making certain I get to do that often.


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